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Biathlon Mountain & Jungle

Special discount for biathloners: Do the Death Road with Xtreme DownHill and climb Huayna Potosi or any other summit with Mountain & Jungle (with full equipment and UIAGM certified guides). More info :


On Tuesday 07 dicember 2010, became the first biking company in La Paz to be certified according to the new requirement of Transit Police.

- Xtreme DownHill is a legaly established company since 2001.

- Our guides are certified

- Our transports are identified with our logotype, and equiped with rescue gear and stretcher

- Equipment for riders have large fluo and reflective areas for a better visibility.




In 1 year travelling round the world, Xtreme Downhill was simply the best tour operator we met. Very profesional, excellent equipment, friendly... congratulations! I definitely recommand them.


Melhor da BolÝvia ... obrigado ....... chris o melhor guia ea llama de danša

jeanny/brazil's funny guides...good staff... llama dance


Congratulations.... good job!!!

Jame McSame/USA

Disfrutamos muchÝsimo nuestra experiencia con XTREME DOWNHILL.El viaje fue hermoso,sobretodo con un equipo profesional y con mucha buena onda. Esperamos que Uds. tambiÚn se animen.

Nataly C./Chile

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Xtreme Bikes:

We offer mid range GT and Iron Horse mountain bikes, equipped with high-end components such as Hayes hydraulic brakes, Shimano ‘Deore’ gearshifts, Marzocchi suspension. For we consider cheap bikes are not adapted for intensive use and unable to provide the level of service we want to offer on one side, and hi-end bikes too fragile for extensive use and too expensive to provide tours at reasonable price on the other side.

Single (front) suspension mountain bike:


               GT Avalanche

  1. MARZOCCHI Bomber front suspension
  2. HAYES 6 inches (175mm) disk brakes front and rear, with hydraulic command.
  3. SHIMANO ‘Deore’ gearshift system.

Double suspension mountain bike:

               IRON HORSE Yakuza

  1. MARZOCCHI Drop Off III front suspension
  2. SHOCK o FOX rear suspension
  3. HAYES 8 inches (205mm) disk brakes front and rear, with hydraulic command.
  4. SHIMANO ‘Deore’ gearshift system.


To make our bikes easier to ride and accessible to all our customers, they are equipped only with 8 rear gears, especially adapted for descending the ‘Death Road’.

After every downhill, our bikes receive a full and thorough maintenance. We use original parts, as we are importer in Bolivia.

We don’t play with your security: we do not hesitate to spend all the necessary money to ensure a perfect maintainance, thus providing a safe and pleasant ride.



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